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“Message from Principal Hayes”

Fun Facts

Roosevelt Mascot: the Bears

Roosevelt School Colors:  Blue and Gold

Roosevelt School Motto: Give Me 5



As we get closer to the end of the school year we want you to channel your enthusiasm and energy towards a successful academic, social, and emotional school year.  There are many great new opportunities at Roosevelt and we expect our students and their families to demonstrate their ability to:

BE Respectful, Responsible, Organized, Safe, and A Problem Solver.

As staff and students enter our building we realize that Roosevelt and the Germantown Community have an enormous opportunity for growth and change and it is important that we all work together to REBUILD ROOSEVELT.  Our commitment is towards the students and their families and we will put forth every effort to form respectful relationships while fostering rigorous and enjoyable educational experiences.  We ask that you communicate with us and stay involved in your child’s education so that we can work as a team to ensure success.  As part of the Turnaround Network there are many new staff and and students along with opportunities and we are incredibly excited to work together to ensure a successful school year.  We wish you much success here at Roosevelt and the teachers, counselors, and principals are here to support you!  Please remember that your journey to school success begins with you and the effort you put forth to realize success.

Good luck!


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