Our Faculty & Staff


Administrative Team

Mr.Hayes, Principal

Ms.Heifet, Assistant Principal


Leadership Support Staff

Ms.Gordon, Office Secretary/Admin. Asst.

Ms.Glass, SISL/Parent Liaision

Ms.Holmes, K-3 Reading Specialist

Ms.Masciangelo, Intervention Specialist

Mrs.Markley, Literacy Coach

Ms.Wright, Math Coach

Ms.Gartland, Math/Science Specialist


Climate and Culture Staff

Mr.Johnson, Climate Manager

Mr.Williams, Climate Liaison

Ms.Zee, Climate Liaison

Ms.Johnson, Climate Support Staff

Ms.Lee, Climate Support Staff

Ms.Kinebrew, Climate Support Staff


Special Education Department

Ms.Fluck – Special Education Liaison/K and 8th Grade LS

Ms.Mazak, K-2 AS

Ms.Purcell, 3-5 AS

Ms.Oxford, K-2 ILS

Ms.Hargrove, 1-5 LS

Ms.Jones, 6/7 LS

Progressions, 3-5 ES

Progressions, 6-8 ES


Pupil Personnel Services Staff

Ms. Parry, Counselor (K-2)

Ms. Collins, Counselor (3-5)

Ms. Marzoli, Counselor (6-8)

Ms. Howard, Nurse

Dr. Wager- School Psychologist

Ms.Christie, Speech and Language Pathologist

Ms.Jakera, Carson Valley STS


Program Support Staff

Officer Crouse, School Police

Officer Nazario, School Police

Mr.Semeon, Building Engineer

, Food Services

Ms.Neal, City Year Site Manager


Instructional Staff : K-8

Ms.Thomas, Kindergarten

Ms.Elliot, Kindergarten

Ms.Grobman, 1st Grade

Ms.Gross,  1st Grade

Ms.Carrier, 2nd Grade

Mr.Levine, 2nd Grade

Ms.McClain-Smart, 3rd Grade

Ms.Bailey, 3rd Grade

Ms.Barber, 4th Grade

Ms.Makhmudova, 4th Grade

Ms.Bean, 5th Grade

Ms.Mitchell, 5th Grade

Ms.Hodds, 6th Grade

Ms.Fisher, 6th Grade

Ms.Jordan, 6th Grade

Ms.Brown, 7th Grade Math

Ms.Sweeney, 7th Grade ELA

Ms.Reiman, 7th/8th Grade Science

Mr.Redley, 7th/8th Grade Social Studies

Ms.West, 8th Grade Math

Ms.Seeley, 8th Grade ELA


Instructional Staff: Related Arts

Mr.Bullard, K-4 Phys.Ed/Health

Ms.Erickson, 5-8 Phys.Ed/Health

Ms.Sawyer, Art

Ms.Cialone, Music

Ms.M, Technology