Student and Parents

Roosevelt Elementary School



Dear Student and Parents:


Welcome to Roosevelt Elementary School! We hope that you are ready to channel your enthusiasm and energy towards a successful academic, social, and emotional school year.  There are many great new opportunities at Roosevelt and we expect our students to demonstrate their ability to BE Respectful, Organized, A Problem Solver, Responsible and Safe.


The mission of Roosevelt Elementary School is to engage the students, staff, and community in quality and equitable education that helps to REBUILD ROOSEVELT.  We believe that every student can learn when given a safe and supportive environment that is free from distractions, collaboration and creativity is key, and quality instruction should be delivered in an environment that fosters respect and responsibility.


The vision of Roosevelt Elementary School is to provide students with the skills needed so that they can attend and succeed at any High School of their choice, provide the staff with the resources and supports so that they can deliver quality instruction, and provide the community with clear communication and opportunities to be invested in their child’s education.  We will support this vision by being honest, transparent, consistent, equitable, and fair in our approach to every child and person.


Please read this Student/Parent Handbook carefully; the procedures and guidelines presented have been prepared to help students realize success in school. Please note this is an overview, not a complete listing of the Code of Student Conduct. Knowing what is expected of you is an important part of becoming a responsible student.  Please remember that all SDP schools are governed in accordance with policies established by the School Reform Commission. At any time during the school year, the SRC may update policies. Updated policies supersede any policies printed in this handbook or other school district publications. For the most current policies, contact your building principal or visit the school district web site at  Additionally, this handbook can be amended at the discretion of the building administration. If changes need to be enacted during the school year, the administration will communicate those changes to students, staff and parents/guardians via mailings, newsletters, web site postings, or other means of communication.


Roosevelt and the Germantown Community have an enormous opportunity for growth and change and it is important that we all work together to REBUILD ROOSEVELT.  We hope that positive, meaningful experiences are a part of each day for all of our students. We ask that if you experience difficulty at school, share the problem with one of your teachers, a school counselor, or a principal. Also, remember to share your achievements with us as well so we can celebrate them with you! We wish you much success here at Roosevelt and the teachers, counselors, and principals are here to support you!  Please remember that your journey to school success begins with you and the effort you put forth to realize success. Good luck!

Please complete our parent/guardian survey to give input into how we are doing and a chance to win prizes!



Mr. Matthew C Hayes


Roosevelt Elementary School