Uniform Policy

August 8, 2022

Parents/Guardians & Students,

During the 2022-2023 school year, students are expected to wear uniforms. School uniforms are important to providing children with an equitable, safe and supportive environment while allowing us to create unity and showcase pride within the Roosevelt community.  This year, school uniforms are no longer unique by grade band. Students are permitted to wear any combination of the following:


·       Pants/bottoms must be khaki, black, or blue in color.

·       Jeans and shorts are not permitted.

·       Pants/Bottoms may not have any holes or openings.

·       Females may wear dresses or skirts that are an appropriate length.


·       Yellow, light blue, navy blue polos/shirts are acceptable for all K-8.

·       Shirts must be solid colors and may not include images and/or writing.

·       Students in grades 6-8 may wear solid black or solid white t-shirts or polos.

·       Students may wear Roosevelt t-shirts and/or Roosevelt sweatshirts.

·       Shirts/Tops must cover the student’s upper body and may not show exposed skin.

·       Cut-off’s, Tank tops and Athletic Jerseys are not permitted.


·       Hats are not permitted.  Exceptions: 1) head coverings worn for religious purposes

·       Ski masks are not permitted.

·       Footwear must be safe for the student and must not pose a hazard to others. Slippers are not acceptable. Slides are not acceptable. Sandals are not acceptable.


·       Jackets may be worn to school but may not be worn in school.

·       K-5 will store items in their book-bag inside their classroom.

·       6-8 must store book-bags, jackets and outwear in their locker.


In coordination with the school’s PBIS program, students will have the opportunity to dress down on days identified as “Themed Thursday.” Advance notice will be provided to students, staff and guardians regarding the theme. Examples of themes may include Crazy Sock Day, Sports Day, Twin Day, Crazy hair day, etc., Students that do not wish to participate in the school-wide dress down theme are expected to dress in the aforementioned school uniform.


Students out of uniform will be required to call home to retrieve a change of clothes. Families in need of uniform assistance should speak to their respective grade band School Counselor.