Attendance Procedures


Numerous studies have linked regular school attendance with academic success. Consequently, student attendance will be monitored closely. Listed below are aspects related to the student’s attendance, arrival, and departure from school.

Every day of absence must be accounted for by a written excuse, either on a school excuse card or home stationery, signed by a parent or guardian and brought or faxed to school within 3 school days of the student’s return to school. Because all parent notes regarding attendance issues must include a signature, e-mails cannot be accepted. Failure to return the excuse card within 3 days of the absence will result in the absence being coded as unlawful. Notes received after 3 days will be kept in the student’s absence folder but will not change the status of the absence code.


Excused Absence

In accordance with the PA School Code, excused absences include illness, death in the immediate family, authorized school activity, family emergency, vacation time not to exceed 5 days, or religious observances recognized by the School Board.


Unexcused Absence

Unexcused absences include: a) absences for which no excuse is submitted within 3 school days following the absence, b) absences with parent’s consent other than those considered excusable, c) leaving school during school hours without permission.



Students who exhibit a pattern of absence and are truant will be required to complete a Truancy Elimination Plan with their family after the 3rd unlawful absence and/or 10th total absence.


Late Arrival

Students who arrive to school at/after 8:00 AM are considered tardy and must report directly to the front desk through the front door to be checked in. Lateness will be excused only for an illness, medical appointment, or family emergency; a signed parent note or appointment slip must be presented or faxed to verify excused late arrivals. Other late arrivals are unexcused, and after three warnings, will result in detentions or suspension.


In addition, all students who arrive in school after 10:30 AM may not participate in after-school or extracurricular activities that day.  Exceptions will be made only for written excuses from a doctor or dentist for a morning appointment or prior notification for funeral attendance.


Excessive Absences

Parents of students who miss 10 or more days will receive a warning letter indicating their child’s unsatisfactory attendance rate. After this letter is sent, no absence will be excused without a doctor’s excuse. While monitoring excessive absences, administration and staff will review individual circumstances and exercise sound judgment prior to sending attendance letters.


At no time may students leave the school before dismissal without the permission and knowledge of the office. Such behavior is considered cutting class and will result in detention or suspension.


Arrival to School

Students arriving at school in the morning should enter the building immediately; visiting other campus schools, leaving the grounds, or congregating in unsupervised areas in or out of the building without administrative approval is not permitted.


Dismissal from School

Dismissal is staggered to ensure a safe departure for all students and families. Parents and guardians can pick up students in their respective locations identified below:

Students in grades 6-8 will dismiss at 2:00pm and will exit out to Musgrave Street.

Students in grades 3-5 will dismiss at 2:05pm and will exit out of the rear school-yard doors on their respective classroom sides.

Students in grades 1-2 will dismiss at 2:09pm and will exit out of the rear school-yard doors on their respective classroom sides.

Students in grade K will dismiss at 2:09pm and will require parent/guardian pick-up from the Cub’s Cafeteria (lot closest to the parking lot). Students must be signed out.

Students must go directly home unless they are staying for an after-school activity or are taking home a sibling. Students participating in after-school activities are not permitted to leave school property and then return without prior Administrator approval.

If a student is accompanying a sibling home, the parent(s)/guardian(s) must provide a note to the school and the student will be issued a pass.  The student will wait for their sibling in the cafeteria.